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Just Jane (Ladies of History, #2) summary Just Jane (Ladies of History, #2) , series Just Jane (Ladies of History, #2) , book Just Jane (Ladies of History, #2) , pdf Just Jane (Ladies of History, #2) , Just Jane (Ladies of History, #2) acfc502812 In This Moving And Authentic Portrayal, Christy Award Winning Author Nancy Moser Transports Readers Back To The Life And Times Of One Of The Literary World S Beloved Heroines, Jane Austen Growing Up In A Clergyman S Home Gives Jane Opportunities To Observe Human Nature At Its Best And Worst Vivid And Delightful Characters Pour From Her Pen Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Emma Woodhouse, Fanny Price, John Willoughby Jane Dreams Of Publishing Her Stories And Sharing Them With The World, But How Can She She S Just Jane From Steventon Will Anyone Ever Read Her Novels

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    Two and one half stars I definitely thought it was OK and I nearly liked it.The life of Jane Austen reads like one of her novels in most ways There are balls, flirtations, close friends, tiresome family members, adverse financial situations which make marriage an apparent necessity and choices which hold out for love despite adverse financial situations In one major aspect, however, the biography and the novels of Austen diverge a happy romantic ending Austen died at the age of 41, having never married.Nancy Moser, author of Just Jane, a fictionalized account of Austen s life, postulates quite correctly that when Austen was unable to find her own Mr Darcy, she created him Poser s book swells the basic facts of Austen s life into a first person, 350 page narrative which dwells on Austen s evolution as a writer and points out the many obvious connections between the biographical facts of Austen s life and her fiction.In utilizing first person narration, Moser allows the reader into Jane s head, which is both illuminating and, in this particular case, often very disappointing While the reader does get a cinematic view of the events of Austen s life as they unfold, the avid Jane Austen fan would expect something Jane Austen s sparkling voice which, sadly, is not apparent in Moser s book Moser herself admits at the book s end that she did not attempt to match the unique voice of Jane Austen, only to hint at it This makes Moser s choice of first person narrative quite puzzling if she wasn t going to try and approximate Austen s voice, why in the name of the Regency period did she have Austen narrate the entire book As much as a true Jane Austen fan cannot conceive of being bored while reading one of her novels, so one cannot possibly imagine being bored while residing inside of Austen s head Unfortunately, while inhabiting the one Moser s book creates, I often was There isn t much here that even remotely sounds like the wonderfully witty writer who was frequently observed to laugh out loud, set aside her needlework and rush across the room for a sheet of paper with which to immortalize whatever clever line had just popped into her head It strains literary credulity to believe that the same person who was able to write lines such as From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins, and I will never see you again if you do would, in her private moments, be thinking such dull stuff as I am free to to be Jane Day to day, day after day, just Jane Moser has spent considerable time researching her biographical facts, however, and anyone wanting to read a play by play account of the plot points of Austen s life will find plenty of illumination on that score especially the riveting chapter which portrays her reaction to the marriage proposal from Harris Biggs Wither I d give the book an extra half star for that chapter alone But in order to hear that inimitable voice, you ll have to go back to those inimitable novels Which is always a good idea This review was first posted at CurledUpWithAGoodBook.com.

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    I feel bad giving a book about Jane Austen only three stars I love Jane Austen I love her books, and I admire her a lot From all that we know of her, she seemed to be a remarkably keen, intelligent and discerning woman Having not read that many bios about her, I can t say whether or not Just Jane was truly accurate, but accurate or not I found that the book dragged on a lot and I thought that it was overall pretty boring I don t mean to say that Jane Austen s life was boring, for although she did not lead the most palpitating life, just learning about her is very pleasant, but the way this book was delivered was simply not to my taste It s written in first person, which I don t necessarily dislike Jane Eyre was written in first person and it is awesome , but combined with present tense it was difficult for me to read it and appreciate it It s not that I didn t like Jane s voice although at times she was portrayed as really rather whiny and ungrateful but the present tense slowed the book considerably Yet all of the important events of Jane s life were related quickly, taking up no than a half chapter, and so the months and years were flying by, but the book was still so put down able that I grew very bored I would have loved to see scenes with Jane and Tom Lefroy together, even though they don t end up together, but there weren t any Their fleeting romance was alluded to in passage before the author moved on with other things It was the same for nearly all the events in Jane s personal life The only thing that made this book bearable, and even somewhat good, was the evolution of Jane s writing, and of Jane as a person That was interesting I loved to see how she went from creating Elinor and Marianne as an epistolary work, then deciding it wasn t right and changing it to Sense and Sensibility in a three volume novel I loved how she was so into her characters and her characters lives, how she was practically in love with Mr Darcy herself and how much she loved and admired Elizabeth Bennet It was interesting and wonderful to see how Jane progressed with her writing, how she gained confidence in it and in herself, and how she was finally able to pull herself out of her misery after leaving Bath and starting her life anew in Chawton I also loved learning about her family and reading about her brothers and her annoying sisters in law, and I thought the character of Cassandra was really well done, and I liked her a lot It made me wish I had a sister too, with whom I could have such a deep connection Cassandra was portrayed as a very kind, patient, loving and encouraging sister, and in a way I am glad that she never married since she was able to stay with Jane and keep encouraging her with her writing Jane s reflections on life, love and society were truly interesting, and I found myself nodding and agreeing with her most of the time She was a real introvert, and much preferred observing and thinking that having to mingle in large groups She kept saying many times over that although she loved her family, she was always glad to see her relatives go after a visit so she could have some quiet time to herself I totally understand her, because I am the same way Jane was also very insecure, needy and unhappy for many years of her life She was pressured into matrimony by all her entourage, deeply felt the restrictions of being poor, and didn t think that her writing was good enough to be published, let alone admired and appraised by enough people to make a difference If only she had known the full impact her novels would have on the worldI always thought it really sad that Jane Austen never married, not because there is any shame or anything like that whatsoever in being a spinster, but because she wanted to marry and find the love of her life, but she never did I always wonder how different it would have been if she had marriedmaybe she would never have had any novels published and now that would be terribly sad

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    Age Appropriate For All AgesBest for Ages 12 and upI avoid most fiction about Jane Austen, either in movie or in book form Why I just haven t liked their take on this historical character We really don t know that much about her, which leaves lots of room for speculation and embellishment.It is rare for me that a main character in a book is my favorite I usually like the side characters However, Jane tugged at my heart strings She has to go places and be with people she doesn t like She doesn t always have a good attitude In other words, she is real, human and a lot like me In fact, all the characters felt real.The relationship between Jane and her sister was my second favorite part of the book It reminded me so much of my own friendship with my sister Thank goodness Nancy Moser didn t listen to all those people who say sisters can t be that close She portrayed a real friendship, one that has its ups and downs, but is always close.My favorite part was Jane as an author Nancy Moser captured how authors feel so well in this book I really identified with Jane s struggles and challenges in writing Many of my author friends will love this book just to hear Jane complain that her characters aren t talking to her it s a writer thing.The story itself was like a Jane Austen book not full of heart stopping romance, adventure, or suspense Instead, this story relies on you being involved with the characters enough to want to know what happens to them next.I highly recommend this to those who like Jane Austen, non romance fiction, and strong, character based stories.

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    I so love anything by or about Jane AustinI am one of thousands, I know This book is not high literature but don t we all need a little respite once in a while and this is my cup of tea In fact I do have a cup of tea along with jane and can t wait to indulge at the end of the afternoon with her.Happy Valentine s Day Tomorrow my daughter and I are having a Valentine Tea in honor of Jane Austin for my Jane Austin Book Society organization at my daughter s home Wish all my goodreads friends could come.We must bring to it a romantic quote from one of her books.Here s mine In vain have I struggled bit it will not do, my feelings will not be repressed You must allow me to tellyou how much I love and admire you Pride and Prejudice This is Darcy s idea of a romantic speech but Jane refuses him Later,much later she changes her mind as he tries once again, this time in a reasonable manner If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you you have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you and I wish never to be parted from you from this day forward Pride and PRejudice What both my husband and I admire about Jane Austin s writing is the beauty of her language nina

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    Did your interest in Jane Austen s novels ever make you want to learn about Jane Austen Did you see that there were many biographies written about her but not really want to read a biography If you are like me and prefer the fiction literature genre than the nonfiction biography genre,this would be a great book for you This is the story of Jane Austen s life from the age she met her first love, Tom Lefroy age 20 til the time she died age 41 In parts the story is a very truthful retelling of her life, a lot of the events and all the characters were really apart of Jane s life The author took what she knew from other biographies, diaries, and letters to create a story that Jane was telling about herself It was as if you were reading a novel in which the main character was Jane Austen What is probably not very true is a lot of the dialogue that took place in the story, as it would be hard to find all the recorded conversations Jane took part in, during her life The author had to conjecture what Jane would say to her sister if she was with her in person However, the author used actual quotes of Jane Austen whenever possible and appropriate At the end of the story the author points out which parts of her story were true and which parts she had to fill in to make the story complete I have read many books and some biographies of and about Jane Austen, I sometimes found them a little hard to follow and could never remember who was in her family and who were her closest friends Now after spending so much time with them and getting to know them, I feel I know the people in Jane Austen s life and Jane Austen very well I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading novels by Jane Austen and is curious about this author, but not too keen on reading a biiography I found nothing wanting and am glad I now have a better understanding of my favorite author.

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    Just when I told myself I was finally done with my Jane Austen habit for a while, I saw this book and had to read itso I did It s essentially the same story that is presented in the movies Becoming Jane and Miss Austen Regrets, as well as the book I recently read, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen It s about the woman behind the famous novels, whom I find utterly fascinating It s written in first person, and I was uncertain at first if I liked or disliked the fact that the author did not attempt to capture Jane Austen s unique voice In the end I decided it s wise to acknowledge that it s too difficult and not make the attempt This book seemed to get better as the story goes on, and the author has some really interesting insights into the complexities of life and relationships and society in generalshe doesn t just stick to the facts as we know them about Austen and her family, she actually draws some conclusions and makes some good points I m glad I read it.

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    I enjoyed reading this fictional account of Jane Austen s life, based on actual facts I learned about some things I didn t already know, such as her marriage proposal I also appreciated the insight into the feelings of Jane during the different stages of her life The writing style, however, was slightly distracting as the author tried to write like Jane Austen I suppose it was necessary, though, because she tried to use Jane s actual words whenever she could It did get better as the book went along, maybe because I got used to it.

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    I was disappointed by this book I was expecting a compelling plot, but it was very uneventful for the first 250 pages I was very tempted halfway through to just put it down and not bother finishing the book, but I wondered if anything would actually happen by the end, so I kept reading What did happen during the last 100 pages really wasn t enough to redeem the intense annoyance and boredom from the beginning of the book It s mostly a group of vignettes about the author s life There wasn t really a plot or a direction that the book was moving in Some of the vignettes had no point at all, and didn t contribute anything to the story or the characters Many of the vignettes were simply We visited so and so and had a good enough time I went for a walk this afternoon I met so and so but don t really like her and won t ever see her again There was also a lot of philosophizing about life and writing and character, and there is a painfully slow development of Jane s character I guess the author is trying to show how Jane grew during this time, but any enlightenment I derived from her development was not worth the time reading this There was also a great attempt to show how the events of her life affected her writing, how the events in her books greatly mirror who she met and what she went through But I would have had to read a lot of Austen s work for that to interest me The biggest literary mentions went to Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice was rarely brought up.I did think this was better written than Mr Darcy s Diary The language is pleasing in this book for sure And if it has one other merit, it s that it seems to be historically accurate The author probably went to a lot of trouble to research well Austen s life and to write a narrative that probably very closely reflects her feelings and thoughts at certain points in her life And I admire that she doesn t bend events in Austen s life to make them dramatic, because that really wouldn t be doing her life justice But it isn t a compelling read Maybe if I had expected less of this going in, I would have appreciated it like I would appreciated a long, quiet, uneventful vacation in the English countryside But I had high expectations for some reason.

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    I started reading this with a critical eye, deeming it rather dull and Jane s character lacking The writing seemed either overly simplified, or as if the author was trying too hard to make it sound like Jane Austen, without much success But it managed to draw me in after a while, and I believe if it were written as much like the author herself might have written it, it would be a harder, duller read And of course, it was better written than I could have done I did dislike some of Jane s complaints, but perhaps that is the way it would have been in her most private writings, as all of us tend toward I thought a time or two that marriage and children were not considered a great vocation by Jane, but as she herself was a writer, that perhaps would have been seen to be the greater occupation.This was an interesting look at what might have happened, and some of what did happen, kindly explained in the end as to which was fact and which was fiction There is a bit of inspiration here, too, knowing that sometimes our dreams are not accomplished all at once and giving hope for the future.

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    Having visited Jane Austen s Bath, England home during the summer of 06, I was drawn to read this book Also knowing that Austen fairly regretted the time she spent in Bath, I wanted to read about her life and times Having no other such volume with which to compare Moser s book, this was an informative read and one that seemed to put readers into Austen s head as she and her sister struggle with their spinsterness in the face of most women of the day who chose marriage as their only option in life Austen grapples with her own feminist attitudes as she struggles to create characters she wishes to grace the pages of her popular novels I enjoyed reading Moser s book and would recommend it to both died hard Austen fans as well as novices like myself who wish to read albeit historically crafted fiction about Austen writing process, her personal struggles, as well as her life and times.

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