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Why Not-World summary Why Not-World , series Why Not-World , book Why Not-World , pdf Why Not-World , Why Not-World abd12a49da Young Elsie Boncoeur Is Staging A One Girl Rebellion Against A World Full Of Ignorance And Prejudice, But Her Search For A World Based On Intelligence And Justice Leads Her Into A Surreal Alternate Universe, Where Einstein Won World War II, The Greek Gods Were Real And The Citizenry Are Guided By The Moral Precepts Of A Lost Shakespeare Comedy

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    Hi everyone Alexei Maxim Russell here My thanks for reading my work I do read every review, and appreciate every insight And I enjoy reading the negative reviews just as much as I enjoy reading the positive, so feel free to speak your mind I m often fascinated by what the review tells me about the psychology of the reader than I am in the review itself I think that all writers are fascinated by people, in this way This is, in fact, the first book I ever wrote, which explains, to some extent, the wild and hyperactive nature of the plot However, I got enough compliments on it and enough hard core fans, among my various literary contacts, that I decided to publish it Feel free to ask me questions I look forward to your feedback Cheers.

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    guess i should go into details hm. I may have given it 4 stars if i think of it just because there were some minor editing mistakes but i care mostly about the story and it was very good author is very good at keeping attention of the reader, it was just very very fascinating from start to finish i am rereading it very fantasy tho Almost too fantastical but good dialogue makes it believable Definate a fun read i hope there is a sequel

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    Not the usual damsel in distress For the most part, I liked it Nice esacep from reality.

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    good book

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    Thanks for the fun read.

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    It is very imaginative Never read anything quite like it Well written, although the plot is a bit erratic If you re easily offended, you might not like it It personally mentions God, Virgin Mary, Hitler and his architect Speer and they actually figure in the plot I already saw a German girl tearing the book apart here on goodreads and I can guess why If your family history has any direct connection to the Nazis or the Catholic church you might hate the book I can see this book causing a lot of controversy But then most good books do They re my favorite kind Even if you hate it though, I bet you ll still read it to the end Very well written page turner although it is a bit like Alice in Wonderland or a Sal Dali painting because the plot gets surreal An orginianl experience buyt definitely an experience worth having.

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    Great premise, very poor execution view spoiler The beginning felt like a homage to Sherlock Holmes with a girl as the detective, which made me very excited for the entire work, but it quickly spiraled out of control There is not a single likable character to be found Sometimes the strangeness of the plot reminded me of the Lemony Snicket series, so I assume it was created on purpose, but it just didn t work to make a great story Elsie seems to be a stand in for feminism and I can t get over the fact that the reaction was to either pretend to be stupid unjust, okay with sexism, or send her to a different world even if God in the end decided that it s time to create an army seriously to cure the world of injustice, that part was so unbelievable that it made the feminism even crazy sounding Her character developments felt hollow a lot of telling instead of showing.There were too many wild cards that didn t feel like plot twists any The world building process wasn t very believable either.Which is a shame, to be honest hide spoiler

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    I am sorry to say I absolutely hated this book The world drawn up was really interesting, the whole concept of a hidden other world of smartness and humbleness really made me want to read this Unfortunately it was a near unbearable experience for me The protagonist is this supposed brainiac who always ends up saying and doing stupid things and the entire plot to me felt like it was written down in one sitting, no regards for logic or being comprehensible I am in no way a particularly smart person, but I felt dumbed down by this story.the way famously smart people were quoted for their imaginary works which solved all problems humanity ever had, it seems so cool to invent a story like that, but, and I am really sorry to say so, it was badly written and I have read better work written by teenagers online Not the book for me.

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    Okay, this book is definitely an original For the most part, it was quite a memorable experience Not the author s best, however, as I liked his other books better Still good though.

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    Highly ambitious ideas but unfortunately the characters weren t believable at all and the worlds described were rather one dimensional.

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