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    With academic analyses and contributions from amongst the most respected and well known experts in the field of folkloristic study and research, this extensive and intensive reference encyclopedia guide on global folk and fairy tales truly presents a knowledge treasure chest, a vast fountain of details and information set up alphabetically, from A to Z, from the famous Aarne Thompson Index to Austrian fairy tale illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger An informative introduction by editor Jack Zipes, as well as an incredibly detailed and extensive bibliography contribute to truly make The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales the perfect starting point for research on fairy tales and folklore, a highly recommended tome for both personal and professional scholarly study requirements.And really, the only complaints I actually have had with regard to The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales, with regard to this generally most excellent and enlightening tome, are both relatively minor and probably also very much personal peeves, as for my own reading ease, I do have to say that the script of The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales features a rather minuscule and small font size, making reading a bit difficult at times well, at least I have found this to be the case , and further, I also do wish that the names of the numerous contributors had been shown in full at the end of each of the articles the alphabetical sections and not been simply given as acronyms And while I do know and even realise that for most of the Oxford companion books, this latter practice is the standard way contributors are generally acknowledged, because I have always had rather major issues remembering and figuring out acronyms, I keep having to flip back to the contributor pages to figure out exactly who wrote which section which has most definitely somewhat distracted me and also therefore lessened my reading pleasure a tiny bit.

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    The cover of this Companion s paperback edition helpfully reminds us that this is about the Western fairy tale tradition, from medieval to modern , so, apart from the interfaces where East meets West as in the Arabian Nights or the Ancient World meets the 20th century as in the discussion of mythology and myth , there is very little on anything which is non Eurocentric and by extension North American of the recent past That said, the 600 plus pages of the paperback edition are packed with every aspect of the fairytale you could wish for, from the anonymous to the commercial and from the traditional to the literary and the artistic The range of contributors largely North American, with a smattering of European experts means there is no single authorial voice, but Zipes editorial authority is stamped all over the Companion, from his fascinating introductory overview to choice of entries This book contains nearly all you wanted to know about the genre and quite a lot besides of what you never knew you wanted to know Hours of random dipping or cross referencing are guaranteed, for aficionado and the curious alike.

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    This book was very helpful in developing a talk on the subject It s got a good range of entries and enough information to get you started for the fairy tale traditions of various countries, authors or collectors, illustrators, and connections between fairy tales and modern fiction, music, television, film, and other media.A minor gripe the relationship of fantasy fiction and fairy tale seems to drift across entries, with some making clear distinctions and others calling all kind of straight fantasy novels fairy tales This is particularly true when a contemporary literary author has written a novel with some kind of fantasy element there seems to be a somewhat desperate attempt to blur categories so that author could be included in the encyclopedia The entry on fairy tales and fantasy fiction itself isn t much help either, with some inaccurate generalizations about the genre.Still overall, there s much food for thought, and it was useful as a reference and would be fun as a browse for the right kind of reader.

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    in part for the Italian, Gianni Rodari, mentioned in CBG..Too superficial for me Each brief article was biographical if of author or artist or of a summary if story than actually analytical of the dozen or I sampled Maybe it would be handy reference for an avid autodidact, maybe a good tool for a scholar But because the layout is alphabetical, rather than by any sort of theme or topic, one would have to either actually read it, use supplementary materials, or get lucky, to actually learn much new from it My opinion, as a casual autodidact.

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    I still like this book and find it very helpful on the subject matter Not sure if there is an updated version of this or not I mostly use the internet now for this type of stuff, but sometimes the internet is the worst place to look up things.

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    This great reference covers stories from all over the world, historic writers, illustrators, and present day authors Tim Wynne Jones is even featured It also covers particular topics such as feminism, oral tradition, science fiction, and many Fascinating.

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    Essential companion for anyone interested in faerie tale criticism, especially those wanting to study the history and relationships between folktales, literary tales and contemporary literature Edited by the incomparable Jack Zipes, this is a Must Have book for scholars and laymen alike.

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    Absolutely my most necessary book in my children s lit studies I am constantly turning to it It is a perfectly unending wealth of pertinent information on every aspect of fairy tales countries and their traditions, illustrators, authors from ancient times to present everything

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    I mean, it s a dictionary It does what it s meant to do.

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    This is a brick of a book Companion compendium encyclopedia of fairy tales It s a good source for starting any research into fairy tales, and that is in the broadest sense of the words Each entry is followed by sources and there is an extensive bibliography It wasn t as comprehensive as I would have liked but like any dictionary or encyclopedia, it was out of date the moment it was published Other than that, this is a really good addition to the library of anyone interested in fairy tales and their history This companion includes fairy tales from around the world and not just Western European.

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The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales download The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales, read online The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales, kindle ebook The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales, The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales ed4b438867a9 From Its Ancient Roots In The Oral Tradition To The Postmodernist Reworkings Of The Present Day, The Fairy Tale Has Retained Its Powerful Hold Over The Cultural Imagination Of Europe And North America Now The Oxford Companion To Fairy Tales Provides The First Authoritative Reference Source For This Complex, Captivating Genre With Than Entries Written By A Team Of Specialists From Around The World, The Companion Offers An Illuminating Look At The Classic Tales Themselves, Both Ancient And Modern, From Jack And Jill And Cinderella To Alice In Wonderland And The Wizard Of Oz The Contributors Also Profile The Writers Who Wrote Or Reworked These Luminous Tales, As Well As The Illustrators, Film Makers, Choreographers, And Composers Who Have Been Involved With Creating Or Interpreting Them The Companion Also Covers Such Related Topics As Film, Art, Opera, Ballet, Music, Even Advertising An Introductory Overview By Jack Zipes Sets The Subject In Its Historical And Literary Context, And Special Survey Articles Explore The Development Of The Fairy Tale Tradition In Individual Countries, Focusing Particularly On The European And North American Traditions The Volume Includes A Detailed Bibliography, To Aid In Further Research Into This Fascinating Topic Strikingly Illustrated With Beautiful Pictures, From Early Engravings To Th Century Film Stills, This Is An Essential Companion For Everyone Who Loves Fairy Tales And Storytelling