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    There were points at which I was not entirely convinced by Hearne s interpretations, but overall it was a very interesting study of the permutations of the tale The research is very solid, and the intelligence and naturalness of Hearne s ideas and prose style are especially evident in contrast to the pretentious, faux academic BS appendix, which to me read almost like a satire of the sort of ungrounded, self indulgent theoretical interpretation that makes people without PhDs mock literary criticism Except Devries citation isn t very good, so academics won t like it, either Skip Appendix 1 unless you need some bizarro quotes for your term paper I wish I had, since it kind of ended the book on a sour note for me, when I had really enjoyed most of it If you have only a readerly interest in Beauty and the Beast, this is still worth picking up as it suggests many versions some now obscure and similar tales for further reading.

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    Being not a retelling or an anthology thereof, but an analysis.Starting with folkloric motifs that were used in it the animal bride bridegroom is found throughout the world, but no telling what version was drawn on for what is unquestionably a literary tale, even though it returned to the oral tradition and got varied there The first version, by Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve,, had an elaborate backstory wherein Beauty was not the daughter of the merchant but of a king and his fairy wife, substituted for the merchant s dead baby to protect her from an evil fairy and the Beast s cousin, he having been transformed by the same evil fairy for repulsing her advances How it first got redacted by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, into the version we all know and love.It roves through books, for children and adults, plays, film, and all sorts of variations.

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    This is one of the first academic books I ever read, as a high school student I was fascinated by this to me new way at looking at literature There have been many new versions of Beauty and the Beast since this book was published most obviously the Disney movie , so some of its discussions are now a bit out of date, but it was still a good survey of the different versions of Beauty the Beast through the years.

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    The book traces the story s literary history with a good eye for detail and source citing but a little dryer than what I was looking for.Also, clear bias to Cocteau yes, the man knew what he was doing, but let s not grovel at his feet Good rule of thumb groupies should never write biographies.

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    Very good and informative Highly recommended in if you are interested in Beauty and the Beast.

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    Just a bit of reading on one of my favorite fairytales It s very interesting to read.

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    A very interesting comparison analysis of various English versions of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast.

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    bravo with this story

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Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale download Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale, read online Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale, kindle ebook Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale, Beauty and the Beast: Visions and Revisions of an Old Tale 21ccf6861e11 From Inside Book CoverFrom Eighteenth Century Courtiers To Cocteau, From Freudians To Prime Time TV, Beauty And The Beast Has Captured The Artistic And Popular Imagination Betsy Hearne Brings A Storyteller S Verve And Insight To An Examination Of One Of Western Culture S Most Powerful And Persistent Myths She Explores The Story S Folkloristic Background And Then Traces The Modern Tale From Its Literary Shaping In The Mid S Through Its Re Creations In The Form Of Chapbook, Drama, Poetry, Novel, Picturebook, And Film Hearne Contrasts Apuleius Second Century Cupid And Psyche, A Closely Related Tale, With Madame De Beaumont S Eighteenth Century Beauty And The Beast, Published At A Time When Oral And Literary Traditions Were Merging Nineteeth Century Versions, Affected By Innovations In Book Production And Printing, Combined Lavish Illustrations With Moral Instruction, A Greater Divergence In Narrative Voice, And A Heightened Intention To Entertain In The Twentieth Century The Emphasis On Narrative Has Given Way To Themes Of Psychological Complexity, A Shift Complemented By New Media Techniques, Mass Market Distribution, And A Renaissance In Children S LiteratureDespite The Myriad Variations Of Detail Exhibited Over Three Centuries, Hearne Discovers Certain Underlying Motifs Crucial To The Tale S Survival In Literature As Well As In Folklore By Tracing Such Structural Elements As Character, Narrative Voice, Image, Object, And Symbol Through Many Versions, She Identifies The Patterns That Have Sustained The Story S Fundamental And Irrepressible Appeal This Focus On The Art And Artifice Of The Tale Shows That Its Resilience Lies In A Metaphorical Strength Flexible Than Most Interpretations SuggestGenerously Illustrated With Images From Some Of The Many Editions Of Beauty And The Beast, Hearne S Book Also Contains An Essay By Larry DeVries With A Structural Analysis Of The Folk Narrative, Reproductions Of Versions From The The Eighteenth And Twentieth Centuries, A List Of Nineteenth Century Printed Editions Of The Tale, And An Extensive Bibliography Of Other Versions This Lively Study Will Appeal To A Broad Audience Of Folklorists, Literary Critics, Children S Book Specialists, Historians, Psychologists, Bibliophiles, And All Who Have Been Transformed By The Reading And Telling Of Tales