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Морфология сказки chapter 1 Морфология сказки, meaning Морфология сказки, genre Морфология сказки, book cover Морфология сказки, flies Морфология сказки, Морфология сказки 20628b3e1706b Morphology Will In All Probability Be Regarded By Future Generations As One Of The Major Theoretical Breakthroughs In The Field Of Folklore In The Twentieth Century Alan Dundes Propp S Work Is Seminal And , Now That It Is Available In A New Edition, Should Be Even Valuable To Folklorists Who Are Directing Their Attention To The Form Of The Folktale, Especially To Those Structural Characteristics Which Are Common To Many Entries Coming From Even Different Cultures Choice

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    Morphology of the Folktale is one of the major Formalist work that influenced the later Structuralist movement and modern Narratology.Great work

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    Propp s foundational work on the structure of fairy tales is impressive, and it s a wonder that his work didn t find its way into English literary circles sooner than it did it didn t show up for several decades Rather than attempting to categorize fairy tales according to their characters or themes theme being a term which he avoids because of the subjective nature of identifying a theme and the differing definitions attached to it , he identifies tales according to the dramatic functions of the characters and actions involved Slipping below the surface words in this manner, he discovered a remarkable consistency between Russian fairy tales and the underlying structures organizing the narratives His work is valuable because it triggered a new understanding and method of categorization that allowed for a scientific and systematic approach to studying fairy tale narratives than earlier studies had accomplished The influence of the work is still felt today.That s the bright side Now the other half As much as I enjoyed Propp s perceptiveness and ability to dig below the surface words to identify the relationships between the core structural elements of fairy tales, I was a bit disappointed in his apparatus for demonstrating these structures Using his categories letters and symbols to identify specific events in sequences, I attempted to follow step by step the structures of his examples by referencing his explications of each element And often than not, some symbols would appear in the narrative sequences without explanation, and others would disappear without explanation Creating visual aids is always difficult, and I think he was on the right track, but Propp could have been much careful in setting up and explaining his system of nomenclature Because of that, and as much as his work is valued, I think a careful and clearer explanation would have helped his cause.

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    An incredibly academic analysis of fairy tales If you re not merely interested in fairy tales but also variants and things like that, you are very likely to like it.Note that familiarity with tales, especially Russian ones, helps a lot to recognize what he s talking about All the Russian tales are identified by number I wouldn t mind that so much all of Brother Grimms do, too, though you may need the right edition and of course he uses Alexander Afanasyev s if I could find a translation that bothered to give me the numbers But the break down into the abstract functions and characters and other elements is fascinating, with some colorful details about the possibilities.

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    Extremely important, brilliant, dry as dust structuralism It pleasingly falls into place in the history of literary theory structuralism as a better way of understanding literary form than pure historical reconstructions , and is as detailed as you d expect It should also be helpful for those who read or write fairy tales, which, for the uninitiated, is a very hip thing to do at the moment For those who don t want to do history of theory, or fairy tales, this book will be fairly unhelpful It might even be painful It should probably be avoided That said, the cover is astonishingly well designed Well done to whoever did that.

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    I haven t read much of this kind of thing so maybe I m overly impressed but I think it s brilliant It s also incredibly readable I ve had to read some lit crit let s decision narrative structure historicism blah blah essays that were pointless and convoluted and seemed designed to put everyone off litcrit entirely so Propp s readability gets major points from me.

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    A well deserved member of the classic canon of fairy and folk tale studies I love me some charts and diagrams.

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    Amazing reading a mixture of what I ve been expecting and what I have long forgotten about.I guess this is the first time I see the literature explained through the economic formations and feasible too Sane and logical, that s what is wonderful To tell the truth, I saw some before but few perhaps, I was born too late , and rather lame even for that.Very, very say and disillusional to differ from psychoanalysts and all that Jung.

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    Wow, massive amount of info Not even going to pretend I fully understood because I don t lmao Thus, I d feel like a fraud for giving it a 5 so a 4 for being impressed hahahaha Will have to reread at some point Because on GR the date that goes with the review seems to be when words are written in, not the date you first shelved it, and not necessarily the date you finished reading and writing a concrete review for it I decided to just jot something down first, for I totally thought I ve already shelved this book a few years back, 2017 fall or at least winter, to be precise I have no idea if I d like this book, or if I d even be able to finish it skimmed through and only just felt a tad bit intimidated lmao, but this book was recommended by an instructor of mine, and he totally made the book sound very interesting and informative Finally reading it I mean, come on, my memory sucks, the fact that I apparently never shelved it and could still find it, has to mean something, right There s a possibility that I neglected to shelf because the specific ebook edition hadn t been added on GR when I thought of doing so back then anyhow, it is now done, bahahaha.

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    Somehow it seems like circular reasoning to claim one has a theory of how folktales work, when the definition of a folktale seems to be what matches the formula that you ve declared.It s like saying that the only book that is a romance novel is one that follows the Harlequinn formula, or the only thrillers are those that match a certain structure.It may be reasonable for the purpose of categorizing books But it seems to be somewhat limitting to the genre.

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    This is a classic in narrative analysis and literary criticism Propp, a Russian Formalist, unpacks the genre of folktale paring them down to their essential elements Read as a follow up to Levi Strauss The Structural Study of Myth, this book will make you an indomitable force