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The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) chapter 1 The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) , meaning The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) , genre The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) , book cover The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) , flies The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) , The Shadows of Foxworth (Dollanganger, #11) 60dad58738659 Continuing The Events From Beneath The Attic And Out Of The Attic, The Prequel Trilogy To The Dollanganger Series Comes To A Riveting End With The Shadows Of Foxworth, A Passionate Novel About Corrine Foxworth S Intense Desire To Flee Her Overbearing Life Trapped In The Foxworth EstateTwo Generations Before Corinne Foxworth Locked Her Children In An Attic, The Life Of Her Grandmother, A Gorgeous Young Girl Named Corrine Dixon Changed Forever At Age Sixteen, She Discovered She Was Pregnant By The Wealthy And Handsome Garland Foxworth Now, Trapped In The Labyrinthine Foxworth Estate, Young Corrine Is Overwhelmed With Her Stifled Life And Domineering Husband When An Artist Is Hired To Paint Her Portrait, She Immediately Falls In Love And Is Convinced To Abandon This Dark World Forever, Unaware That Her Decision Could Have Far Reaching Consequences That Linger For Generations

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    Let s be fucking clear about one thing V.C Andrews had nothing to do with this She s been dead for over three decades 33 years as of this review and although these books may be printed with the blurb from the author of Flowers in the Attic or something similar, that blurb is nothing than a bold faced lie by the publishers, ghostwriter, and the owner s of the V.C Andrews Estate in a shameless attempt to milk a dead woman s work for money nothing , nothing less.This lying has gone on for years The publishers used to be open about it, with a letter near the beginning of the book to the readers, but now because of how shitty their products are, the ghostwriter and the publisher are now resorting to bold faced untruth I mean, really, for fuck s sake, claiming the same exact person who wrote Flowers in the Attic also wrote this If someone really has to resort to lies to market a product, you know what that s called False marketing, which is generally illegal and can be met with lawsuits Hey now, there s an idea.Ahem AnywayVCA only published seven books in her lifetime Since her death, one book has been released but only in e book format Gods of Green Mountain and there remain several manuscripts, such as Castles of the Damned or the Obsessed, which remain under lock and key, apparently never to be published.Which begs a significant question why are we having all these new garbage books not written by her, being released under her name when we have actual material from her that s not being published Seems strange, doesn t it And quite unethical on top of that.Actual review pending, this book is not slated to come out til the second half of the year 2020 The first two Corinne books already tell me that this shit is going to be the same old predictable Neiderman shit But then, with only 8 actual VCA books out there, compared to the 80 Neiderman has written, that s hardly a surprise.Update as of March 12, 2020So far since the beginning of 2019, I ve had TEN of Andrew Neiderman s friends try to harass me, most of it on the reviews I have posted for the Corinne trilogy thus named so since I refuse to refer to these books as Dollanganger series As an author myself, I find the ghostwriter s behavior appalling It s not merely one isolated incident, he s been a shitty person for years He was caught writing reviews for himself on to push up the rating of his ghostwritten books around the time of the Heavenstone Secrets books and he even claimed he was better than VCA he wrote that review in the third person eventually deleted the reviews but I will always remember them.Around the time of the kidnapper Ariel Castro losing the three girls he held hostage around 2013, I think Andrew Neiderman actually had the gall to use that event to try to sell his books by comparing the girls ordeal to the Dolangangwer kids People tore into him for it and his response was no need to be so catty , showing that he did not care about WHY what he said was so repugnant and trivializing to the three women who suffered for years at the hand of a rapist and abuser.The man has no honor or integrity It s also pretty clear that a fair amount of the 5 star reviews the newer VCA books get on and some on Goodreads as well are from shills, with meaningless lines such as I love all vc andrews books or the ghostwriter is doing a great job without any proof or details that the reviewer actually read the book in question.I ve also never felt the need to post good reviews on my own author FB page, unlike Neiderman who shamelessly spams the VCA FB page with nothing but good reviews while he ignores his critics, which he dismisses as bullies If people want to see reviews, they can go to , Goodreads, etc etc I prefer to upload fun stuff my fans can actually enjoy on my page instead of constantly filling the page with advertising and self aggrandization.And when I get constructive criticism, I learn from it and am always striving to be a better author, I have noticed the improvements I have made through the years and it makes me try even harder to be a good author where with Neiderman he s become fucking lazy His earlier works were decent the Cutler series remains one of my favorites now it s pretty clear he s just half assing it Please shoot me if that ever happens to me.People wonder why I m so harsh on Neiderman it s because he had and still has multiple opportunities to do the right thing, and act with integrity as an author, but he continues to choose to shit all over a dead woman s legacy instead of improving himself as an author and using his own name for his writing.For shame, for shame, for shame.

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    This might be the worst book I have ever read or at least tied for last place Speaking as a writer, a literary critic, and an editor with than 20 years of experience in bookselling and publishing, I feel confident saying that this book went straight from the author to the proofreader without an editor laying a hand on it I am new to the Dollanganger Saga I am, in fact, using quarantine as an opportunity to acquaint myself with these books I somehow managed to not read when all my friends were reading them in the 80s I found Flowers in the Attic diverting enough to move onto Petals in the Wind What I m saying is that I think my expectations for this book were realistic, and I was eager to check this out when I got a free galley But The Shadows of Foxworth doesn t even succeed as trashy fun I found it unreadable.

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    STOP WRITING THIS GARBAGE It is okay to admit defeat Retire Go enjoy the view Stop writing these books.

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    Review coming soon.

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    I enjoyed this book the most out of these newest three Foxworth family books, but that s not saying much Marlena is a very naive and innocent character, a trope for most VC Andrews heroines daughters, which is annoying She took forever to finally gain some charisma and then the book ended There was no real twists in this book, anything that was supposed to be taken as such was easily figured out I did like that her Aunt wasn t a truly terrible character, as usually happens, she just had some moments but by the end she had turned around and realized her misdeeds I m glad there was no incest, as I really thought it was going that way with Yvon and then Malcolm too but it was all stopped in time and I appreciated that Only two stars.

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    I have been reading V.C Andrews books since they first came out in November of 1979 I am proud to say that I own every single book that was put out in print There are a few that are only available in ebook form and those I have not read Virginia died a short while after starting her well known Dollanganger family series and a ghost writer named Andrew Neiderman began writing the rest in 1986 Shadows of Foxworth is book 11 in the series and I believe it s going to be the last This was a story that goes back in time and tells of the life of Corrine Dixon who was the grandmother to Corrine Foxworth I really enjoyed reading this because I m always interested in learning about this very strange, incestuous family Some might describe these stories as gothic and I think that for the most part they are At any rate, I have loved them all right from the beginning and will continue to buy and read every book I can with this authors name on it I like that the author has written these 11 books covering the different generations of this family to give us readers the entire picture of what this family went through and understand why they did what they did Sometimes they acted out of love but sometimes it was just pure greed and selfishness Regardless, I find the stories to be riveting and this one was as well I m looking forward to publication day so I can buy my physical copy to add to my collection I d like to thank NetGalley and Gallery Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review the arc I give this book a 5 star rating.

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    If you know me, at all, you know that my guilty pleasure since 7th grade has been, and always will be, vcandrews I had the privilege of being accepted by Netgalley to receive an arc of shadowsoffoxworth gallerybooks simonandschuster netgalleyreview we have a prequel y all to what started it all flowersintheattic from the moment I reached that first page my breath was taken away and I was swept up once again in to the world of the Foxworths or dawsons or Hunter How did it begin Where does it start We know end beginnings weknowtheend bookstagram bookreader booksofinstagram bookreview booknerd quarantined2020 covid_19 lifewithautoimmunediseases thisisfortyone

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    Marlena and her brother Yvon live in a true paradise in France with their parents Their father is becoming a well known artist and their mother is his muse and great love When a car accident kills their parents, Marlene s life falls apart and she finds herself living in the United States with family that she has never met before She is startled to find out truths about her parents that shake her very foundation to the core I have been obsessed with all things Foxworth and V.C Andrews for as long as I can remember and love that new books have been created This book was well written and loved the overall story and characters as always Thanks for the long awaited ARC, Net Galley.

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    I would like to thank edelweiss and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review I have been able to read the last 3 novels in this series through edelweiss and while not the original stories of the Foxworth clan, I have always been interested to know about them, especially the first Corrine These books explore what happened to her and her life at Foxworth Hall before she eventually fled and what happened with the rest of her life An interesting conclusion.

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    I hadn t read the two previous Dollanganger books but didn t feel that I would need to, and I didn t feel lost.The problem is the writing is dull I couldn t get on board with the fact the pacing was slow, and that made it hard to want to continue reading I know that the books aren t written by Andrews, but this feels so different than any of the previous books in the original series, that it just doesn t fit in line with it Some people might enjoy this one, but it wasn t for me.