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10 thoughts on “Spinning Straw into Gold: What Fairy Tales Reveal About the Transformations in a Woman's Life

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    This book was not quite what I was expecting I guess I thought it would be of a scholarly work, with lots of references and facts It has some, but mostly it reads like a collection of Gould s personal opinions as influenced by her experiences as a mid century woman I was a bit disappointed by that Beyond that, Gould s writing is nice, almost lyrical Some of her theorizing was interesting, and I thought she made some good points But a lot of it was totally subjective to your point of view, and so much of it wasn t completely relatable for women today Especially the younger ones, who have not been brought up with fairy tales as a standard My generation has been told that fairy tales don t reflect life, that there is no prince, and that it is our job to take care of ourselves we can do anything we want to, no matter our biology So, it was interesting, but only just It was a little too Freudian, and I thought it was hilarious how everything came down to sex I would have liked to of read something a bit celebratory of womanhood, and less disparaging But I don t think Gould s intent was to be disparaging it just came off that way, to me, in than one instance So, while I liked it, I couldn t love it, and I probably won t ever come back to it.

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    Is quite interesting in its discussion of the fairy tales, but irritating in saying woman mother, and then I was tempted to throw it across the room when the author suggested that people with depression were somehow to blame for it Would be better with less of the author s attitude.

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    This is a really interesting study of fairy tales and like the title says what they reveal about women It s not a perfect book, but I was expecting this to say how fairy tales are crap and help our society keep women down, but it s quite the opposite Who knew that fairy tales could be about womens transformations into decisive, independent beings I learned that my knowledge about fairy tales is based on Walt Disney movies, and those aren t the good fairy tales The dark, creepy real fairy tales are where all the fun is.

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    4.5 stars I loved this book While I think a few of the interpretations are kind of bizarre, or a bit of a stretch at times, I adored the author s deep insights and critical thinking on fairy tale heroines It s just a fascinating read that gets your wheels turning This book is something that has definitely helped my own character and story development, and I will be buying myself a copy in the near future.

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    no matter how many times I read this book, I m always picking up something new It s the kind of book that can be opened at any point read enjoyed

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    This book was really interesting because it talked about many characters that are from well known fairytales This book really examined the way the women characters are portrayed in society For example, Cinderella is a character that is examined very closesly in the book.I remember reading stories like this when I was little, but I never really thought about the stereotypical woman character She is the helpless character who needs to be rescued by her prince Now, as an adult, I look at these stories in a very different way However, I would not introduce these issues to elementary students This is something I would use with high school students during a fairytale unit It would be wrong to ruin these stories for young children, and I don t think that they would be able to fully grasp this type of analysis.

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    I like the idea behind Spinning Straw into Gold, but I did not agree with some of the author s ideas The analysis of the fairy tales were really enjoyable even though they may have been over analyzed Overall, Spinning Straw into Gold is a unique book that would suit fairy tale lovers.

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    This book spoke to me on many levels My favorite thing about it is the deep understanding she has of what fairy tales offer us She looks past the Disney versions of princes rescuing helpless females and digs out the older and richer heroine versions of the stories, then shows us how they apply to our life transistions today Her discussion of the stages of a woman s life and the transitions she undergoes and how she gets through them matched well with my personal experience Added a bunch of new books to my TBR list because she referenced them.

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    Very interesting and full of ideas I took 4pp of notes in my journal Author has annoying habit of interjecting her own life story in illustration of some points that I found jarring even a tad whining and or grandstanding in tone Some bits dragged felt a little tedious and she seemed to lose focus toward the end and turn toward illustrating her personal agenda rather than explaining the fairy tale folklore connections I never realized that The African Queen is essentially Beauty and the Beast

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    It s an interesting read connecting popular themes in fairy tales with the conflicts women deal with at varying stages of a woman s life I felt some of her claims of symbolism were a bit of a stretch, and the general feel was that women are hopelessly bound to urges and cultural expectations beyond their control There were a couple of great passages that rang true to common frustrations, but I felt the analysis of the solution offered in the fairy tales was sketchy and incomplete and ultimately no type of a solution at all.

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