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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Feminine in Fairy Tales
  • Marie-Louise von Franz
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9781570626098

10 thoughts on “Feminine in Fairy Tales

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    It touches on some of the most important and troublesome issues in a woman s life I don t think any woman can go through this book without finding the answer or solution to at least one of her problems Marie Louise is brutally honest, she gets straight to the point, sometimes in such a cutting manner that it can hurt oversensitive natures but, once you get over that, the book reveals its wealth of wisdom and insight.

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    Amazing amazing amazing book Feminist psychoanalysis explains so much about the way women are socialized to act that you will never understand through feminism that focuses on the political or economic.

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    Another great one for you Jungian heads Von Franz is one of the feistiest, no nonsense, quit crying in your soup, authors I ve ever read.

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    Achei outro livro para ocupar meu cora o ap s a autobiografia da Rita Lee 3Contos de fadas s o, em si mesmo, sua melhor explica o Mas ent o para que se debru ar sobre A autora, que trabalha intensamente com a tem tica, n o descarta o teor autoexplicativo do conto chegando, inclusive, a tratar de um paralelo para os sonhos , mas considera como eles representam a express o mais pura e mais simples dos processos ps quicos do inconsciente coletivo Assim, nesse livro, Marie Louise von Franz se debru a sobre seis contos de fadas trazendo o recorte do feminino e seus aspectos O trabalho dispensa elogios ou n o pois a autora interpreta de maneira muito habilidosa e art stica os aspectos simb licos encontrados em cada conto, sempre relacionando com experi ncias pr ticas e situa es cotidianas Claramente, ela n o esgota o conte do que apresentado At porque ela mesma defende uma teoria de que os contos de fadas descrevem apenas um fato ps quico, mas que, por nossa dificuldade de compreender isso, foi necess rio diversas vers es de um mesmo fato desconhecido O que seria ent o esse fato Dif cil dizer, mas creio que algo relacionado com o mist rio que todos n s humanos compartilhamos.Portanto, recomendo toda a obra desta mulher, pois com tamanho rigor que ela levou a psicologia anal tica para outro patamar a partir de seus estudos sobre contos de fadas.Um livro muito gostoso de ler, apesar dos tapas na cara Infelizmente, ele est muito inacess vel, estou fazendo o poss vel para digitalizar a c pia que uma amiga tem, pois nem em sebos se encontra mais O que uma l stima, n o podemos deixar uma obra dessa se perder.Enfim, recomendo absurdamente.

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    Fairy Tales are for adults.

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    I read this quite some time ago and plan to pick it up again to see if I still find it so fascinating Some books are necessary during a particular phase of development and then no

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    holy shit this book just blew my entire mind away it is so smart and awesome that i can t figure out anything smart or awesome to say about it damn.

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    Very well written book.

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    Essential read I read and reread this book of wisdom.

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    A woman who always gives advice irritates a man..well I didn t need to read this book to be told that lol..yet Most women, since they depend so much on relationship and long for it, have great difficulty in admitting to themselves how lonely they are and in accepting that as a given situationAccording to my experience it is very painful, but very important, for women to realise and accept their loneliness This was the saddest sentence in the book, but must be true for many women for the author to have written it The book examines feminine reaction to male dominated and patriarchal religious and civil systems, and aspects of feminine psychology, and concludes that the positive functioning of the feminine principle is not to become outwardly dominant, but to give the ruling principle the necessary subtlety to attain that subtle rightness resulting in an inner subtley in understanding life I found this a difficult book to read in parts for several reasons such as unfamiliarity with Jungian terms, references to pagan practices and beliefs such as shamanism, references to unfamiliar concepts about myths and gods and godesses which are often archtypes of intincts etc etc , but overall it was an interesting read and certainly an education into feminine psychology and how fairy tales are often an expression of the collective unconscious to counteract male dominated societies and patriarchal systems.The book also looks at the dark side of nature and I found this helpful in some ways Resist not evil there is a dark side which brings about good in a cruel yet paradoxical manner The author often refers to some of her cases to use as examples to illustrate motifs which constantly appear in fairy tales eg sleep as in Sleeping Beauty or the spindle or amputation as in The Girl with no Hands etc etc The author also examines how women can become entrapped if they do not proceed to individuation eg There is a crucial time in a woman s individuation when she must liberate herself from inappropriate pity The author also examines the negative father complex where a daughters need nourishing by a father s eros function eros in Jungian terminology means the function of relationship otherwise she will become cold Negative paternal reactions can have a devastating effect on the inner mentality of a daughter.The author shows from fairy tales how women can find healing from negative forces in their lives by going into introversion a healing regression , also just waiting can be healing reminded me of the Scripture that we are fearfully and wonderfully made She points out that collective standards in society do not help women develop at times, and can be harmful.The author refers often to the animus the masculine part of the woman The existence of this animus could be much debated, but assuming that it does exist, the author from her vast experience in analysis writes some interesting things about this mysterious part of a woman eg The animus is generally always right but at the wrong time A woman who always gives advice irritates a man It needs veiling of the inner face of her animus Drifting out of life is part of feminine pyschology of animus dark and light, ideas and concepts The anima does not affect men this way men have an anima, but are driven by the Logos principle The animus contains the element of being a mystery, something inexplicable which is the secret of both its beauty and its awkwardness The spirit animus imprisons if one does not live enough, but redeems if it is emotionally involved It is very difficult to stand loneliness without getting overwhelmed by the unconscious and in a woman s case, the animus ie resulting in animus possession where the animus can take over a owman s personality The books ends with a positive fairytale about Vasilisa who bestows subtlety on her animus with positive results To give the animus subtlety.would mean finding the attitude which suits the situation, knowing instinctively what is right.knowing how to act in each individual case, and for that much subtlety and individual feeling into the situation are required On such things the woman s animus goes off at the deep end, for there is, of course, the famous partnership between shadow and animus The book ends by stating that women who have a superior way of judging situations rightly have wholeness, and this is a model of femininity which is to be attained.

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Feminine in Fairy Talescharacters Feminine in Fairy Tales, audiobook Feminine in Fairy Tales, files book Feminine in Fairy Tales, today Feminine in Fairy Tales, Feminine in Fairy Tales cadf2 In This Engaging Commentary, The Distinguished Analyst And Author Marie Louise Von Franz Shows How The Feminine Reveals Itself In Fairy Tales Of German, Russian, Scandinavian, And Eskimo Origin, Including Familiar Stories Such As Sleeping Beauty, Snow White And Rose Red, And Rumpelstiltskin Some Tales, She Points Out, Offer Insights Into The Psychology Of Women, While Others Reflect The Problems And Characteristics Of The Anima, The Inner Femininity Of Men Dr Von Franz Discusses The Archetypes And Symbolic Themes That Appear In Fairy Tales As Well As Dreams And Fantasies, Draws Practical Advice From The Tales, And Demonstrates Its Application In Case Studies From Her Analytical Practice

About the Author: Marie-Louise von Franz

Marie Louise von Franz was a Swiss Jungian psychologist and scholar.Von Franz worked with Carl Jung, whom she met in 1933 and knew until his death in 1961 Jung believed in the unity of the psychological and material worlds, i.e., they are one and the same, just different manifestations He also believed that this concept of the unus mundus could be investigated through research on the archetypes