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Sophie Scholl files Sophie Scholl , read online Sophie Scholl , free Sophie Scholl , free Sophie Scholl , Sophie Scholl 8d8678337 Sophie Scholl Was One Of The Members Of An Underground German Protest Movement Against Hitler Rule, Based At Munich University, During World War II Drawing On A Fascinating Variety Of Sources, Including Original Documents, Frank McDonough Tells The Dramatic, Absorbing, And Inspirational Story Of Her Brave Struggle Against The Nazi Regime And Examines Her Legacy Of Heroism In Germany This Important New Biography Shows That Not All Germans Blindly Followed Hitler S Regime And Her Refusal To Be Silent In The Face Of Injustice Is A Story That Deserves To Be Remembered And Honored

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    It was great to see a new book in English about Sophie Scholl I ve been studying the White Rose for years and am always interested in reading a new perspective on this tragic story There are many amazing sources in German, such as Barbara Leisner s excellent biography, but I don t believe that or many other works about the resistance group have been translated into English I was impressed with McDonough s research and the new details he presented While meant for an adult audience, it should also have a strong appeal to young adults with an interest in World War II history.

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    The woman herself seemed incredibly courageous, determined, and clear about what was necessary for freedom and she was ready to contribute her own life to the struggle She remained to the end faithful to her belief system Even when confronting her parents in the hour before her execution, she was calm and reconciled And her brother s final shout as the guillotine fell was Long live freedom Moving and inspiring I didn t find McDonough s writing very passionate or engaging, unfortunately He clearly was passionate about the story he was telling, but was not a writer who caught me up in the emotion of the events The prose was too distant and dry for that I did like McDonough s final chapter in which he related his pilgrimages to the places in Sophie s life He brought himself into the tale and that was somewhat moving, but he s not a great communicator, sadly Also, as I mentioned in comments, the copy I had contained a distracting number of grammatical errors and word switches which ended up affecting the meaning in probably a dozen passages I had a copy from an academic press from the university library must have been uncorrected McDonough s tepid style and the grammatical issues kept this book from receiving a higher rating from me I look forward to reading other books about Sophie Scholl, however

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    I am writing a young adult book called the Black Rose that is a fictional account of a group of young Germans caught up in World War II It is a pivot off the real world White Rose of which Sophie Scholl was a member.I was trying to get a sense for how German teenagers who were against the war would feel when trapped in a world not of their making McDonough does a great job giving the reader a sense of what Sophie was thinking and feeling Her Christian beliefs come through loud and clear as do the idealistic urges that many teenagers face in any society I thought the author did a great job capturing not only the sense of moral injustice that Sophie felt, but the rush of pushing back against the confines of the society she was trapped in.I m hoping my daughter who likes young adult dystopian fiction e.g Hunger Games, Divergent, etc will read this book I think it will give her a sense that real teenagers have fought against real dystopian societies in the past.

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    I ve always been very interested in the aspects of Nazi Germany, and when the chance arose for me to study this topic in A Level German, I jumped at the chance The book is so interesting, and a true insight into the terror and tension felt during those years Would recommend to anyone who is a fan of deep reading, though for some, watching the film may be an easier and enjoyable idea.

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    The heart breaking story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, a group of young university students who protested against the crimes of the Nazi regime and paid for it with their lives.

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    Stand up for what you believe in even if you are standing alone I ve never heard of Sophie Scholl until this year when I stumbled across an Instagram post about her I was instantly attracted as though I was being pulled into her story I just had to find out When I received this book, I stopped everything I was doing and started reading it McDonough did an excellent job in telling us her legacy how it started, who was involved etc There were numerous quotes and facts that made it even interesting I ended feeling inspired by Sophie and Hans Scholl and the White Rose.However, I felt that McDonough was distant in his writing style It was as though I was reading an essay done by a student There were quite a few typos in the book as well Somehow, with all the quotes in the book, I still felt that we weren t going deep enough in her thoughts.Still a great book though Long live freedom

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    I have always been fascinated by the history of World War 2 I think it is because the number of family members I had serve during the time combined with working at an assisted living facility when I was in my early 20 s where the majority of the residents were Jewish I used to love listening to their stories When author Frank McDonough wrote to me asking if I would like to read and review the book Sophie Scholl The Real Story of the Woman who Defied Hitler, I of course accepted Sophie Scholl was a member of an underground, non violent protest movement against Hitler s rule in Nazi Germany called the White Rose die Weisse Rose Mr McDonough was offered to read through the diaries, personal letters written by Sophie and the transcript of her interrogation by the Gestapo He compiled this intriguing biography from information gathered during his reading.Scholl, a student who was 21 at the time of her death in February 1943, is a legend in Germany The White Rose movement, which opposed Nazism by circulating thousands of leaflets telling German Christians that they had a moral duty to rise up against Hitler, the messenger of Anti Christ The leaflets were dropped between 1942 and 1943 at Munich University In February 1943 when Sophie Scholl along with her brother, Hans, and friend, Christoph Probst, were beheaded in Stadelhein Prison, Munich, for urging German students to rise up against Nazi terror.Overall this was an excellent book The historical events described catch your attention The relationships between the Scholl children, their parents and various friends of the family is touching If you don t like reading about historical happenings, this book may seem a little flat when you read it I was looking forward to reading a great book about Sophie but to me it seemed that the first half of the book focused on her brother Hans and her boyfriend Fritz and what happened to them while they were fighting in the war.

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    It is unbelievable, to what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it Adolf Hitler Mein Kamf, 1925 A book written in the worst German I have ever read, in spite of the fact that it has been elevated to the position of the Bible in this nation of poets and thinkers Hans SchollThe White Rose resistance movement to the Nazi regime was led by Hans and Sophie Scholl and it was in the leaflets of these young German university students that Hitler found one his greatest foes Children when the Nazis came to power in 1933 they were all members compulsory of the Hitler Youth and firm believers in national socialism of the Third Reich this was short lived as they grew up to despise fascism and the way it enslaved their German nation depriving everyone of individual freedoms The courage in which these youngsters showed against their barbaric foes is admirable and their words are inspirational Hans and Sophie Scholl are two of the most highly regarded Germans by Germans, at last count 190 schools in Germany bear the Scholl name As her tearful father said before his children were executed by guillotine in 1943, You will go down in history, I m proud of you both I myself had to fight back tears as I read how these two very brave youths faced down tyranny with no regrets Hans and Sophie represented what the German people should have done when the Nazis took over their country This book is a testament to that all important lesson from history.

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    I recently finished this moving account of the life of Sophie Scholl, a German student who bravely resisted the Nazis The book does a good job of telling the story of Sophie s life and the events that propelled her into speaking out against the Nazis.The White Rose group of which she was a part published leaflets trying to stir the consciences of German people to resist what the Nazis were doing They did not have clearly defined political objectives it was a moral and philosophical protest, motivated for many of the group, including Sophie, by their Christian faith Sophie and her brother Hans were eventually caught, in the end due to recklessness, but faced their death sentences with courage and hope.The main weakness of this account is that I didn t really feel it got inside Sophie s head that well the biographer keeps saying that the White Rose group had these in depth theological and philosophical discussions about what to do But McDonough doesn t give as clear a sense of how Sophie s thinking and Christian faith developed and informed her actions as much as I would like though it does include translations of the White Rose leaflets.I d like to find an account the White Rose group that focuses in much depth on what they believed and how that shaped their actions any recommendations

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    A fairly recent biography on Sophie Scholl, this book has details not included in the other books I ve read on the White Rose It seems that the author had access to documentation including Gestapo records and trial transcripts , which serves to give the book a credible and factual feel The author seems to have a liberal bent, though he does make a strong effort to show how important some form of Christianity was to the members of the White Rose I d have given it a much higher rating, except for the fact that there is some unneeded and not exactly edifying information included I can t recommend this for younger readers, and even older readers could probably skip or skim chapter 4 Even so, the story is powerful I d recommend it for older readers interested in the activities of the White Rose.

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