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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Tree and Leaf
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • English
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9780007105045

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    Tree and Leaf, J.R.R TolkienRepackaged to feature Tolkien s own painting of the Tree of Amalion, this collection includes his famous essay, On Fairy Stories and the story that exemplifies this, Leaf by Niggle Fairy stories are not just for children, as anyone who has read Tolkien will know In his essay On Fairy Stories , Tolkien discusses the nature of fairy tales and fantasy and rescues the genre from those who would relegate it to juvenilia The haunting short story, Leaf by Niggle , recounts the story of the artist, Niggle, who has a long journey to make and is seen as an allegory of Tolkien s life Tree and Leaf is an eclectic, amusing, provocative and entertaining collection of works which reveals the diversity of J.R.R.Tolkien s imagination, the depth of his knowledge of English history, and the breadth of his talent as a creator of fantastic fiction 1998 1377 158 9645625548 1387 1394 253 9789643345549 20

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    Where do you go after The Lord of the Rings To the heart of the matter Tolkien s famous essay on fairy stories, Leaf by Niggle, and Mythopoeia which was written as a response to C.S Lewis saying that myths were lies.As one would expect the essay on fairy stories is rich and deep I would really like to hear it read aloud but I don t see an audio version anywhere of the entire thing so I may just have to record it for myself When paired with this essay, Leaf by Niggle takes on similarly deep resonance, especially when considering that Tolkien dreamed it For me as a Catholic, Leaf by Niggle has particularly meaningful spiritual observations which have influenced my actions since I read it about a year ago Again, this is one I d like to hear read aloud but it seems not to be available so this is another which I may have to record just for myself.

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    you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it .

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    I ve actually read everything except Mythopoeia from this volume before I needed it to do references to The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Homecoming is an interesting commentary on The Battle of Maldon I daren t comment without plagiarising my essay, but it s definitely worth reading, and it s interesting to see so clearly how strongly his academic and creative work were bound together Homecoming is part essay, part drama, part poetry Mythopoeia is lovely, too Leaf by Niggle is nice, but allegorical than you might expect from the man who professed to hate allegory And On Fairy Stories is important in understanding all his work, I d say.

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    I wanted to try challenging my mind a little so I picked up Tree and Leaf, a collection by Tolkien It made me miss my literature days because I felt like I missed a lot This collection consists of On Fairy Stories I ve actually read this essay before but I found it so hard to read the first time round Shows you how much my mind has rusted It was much better the second time round and I managed to appreciate it.This essay explores the definitions and origin of fairy tales in a fairly academic but lyrical style as odd as that description is Personally, I prefer Chesterton s chapter The Ethics of Elfland in Orthodoxy even though it looks at fairy tales in a very different and less academic way Mythopoeia This was a lovely poem although I didn t completely understand it Leaf by Niggle I really enjoyed this short story about a man named Niggle, who neglects preparing for his eventual journey to paint a leaf But his painting is always interrupted by his neighbour and though Niggle doesn t like it, he often than not helps him out Apparently Niggle might have been a stand in for Tolkien himself, which is something interesting to consider The Homecoming of Beorthnoth Beorthelm s Son this is apparently a play inspired by a myth and I would normally be into this sort of stuff but I a Tend to be very inept at understanding playsb Didn t really get the three part structure of thisSo it was kinda wasted on me.Like I said at the start, this book made me wish I was still actively studying literature because I think I would have understood it a lot better if I was still using those muscles Still, it was a good change from what I ve been reading.This review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

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    There are various collections of Tolkien s shorter works, sometimes published under the same title but with different stories Look carefully at the contents of any work that you choose, but find at least The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm s Son and Leaf by Niggle I give each of these my highest rating, the former because of Tolkien s excellent commentary on the Old English word and concept overmod and the latter because it s one of the few largely allegorical works that Tolkien produced and is, at least to me, heartbreakingly autobiographical in its depiction of his hopes and fears for the eventual reception of his Middle earth legendarium Tolkien had managed to find a kind of mature peace by the time that he wrote his valedictory Smith of Wootton Major also a highly recommended work , but that story, lovely as it is, lacks some of the autobiographical angst of Leaf by Niggle, which can still move me to tears It helps, of course, to have read The Lord of the Rings, if not The Silmarillion as well, and to know something of Tolkien s life.

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    This book is now a little dated However, it is an inspiring and interesting bite sized look at fairy tales as literature The second story Leaf and Niggle is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde s The Selfish Giant It is very well written and has some wonderful moments, which make those of us writers who try to work alone smile and determine to hide away less.

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    Contains Leaf by Niggle and On Fairy Stories, two of the most important books I ve ever read as a writer, a reader of novels, and an appreciator of humanity These two writings of Tolkien really represent just why I deeply love this man.

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    This is a collection of 4 works by Tolkien On Fairy Stories Tolkien presents his argument of why fairy tales stories are just as relevant, important and not just for children Mythopoeia an argument in poetical form from Philomythus to Misomythus The comment before the poem starts says To one who said that myths were lies and therefore worthless, even though breathed through silver and sets the themes and tone of the poem Leaf by Niggle a short story told in that wonderful Tolkien style where it always makes me feel I m sitting by a warm fire listening to a story being a told It s a lovely tale with a moral which fits in with the rest of the works in this book The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm s Son a drama set in old England after a battle with the Vikings In the commentary of this piece he also discusses Beowulf.Tolkien s got a knack for drawing me into his work I liked this book for the variety I m not sure if his points of why fairy stories matter was always strong but his zest helped to give a little context to some of his other works I also liked how his arguments and commentary is frank with no apology for defending the rights for anyone to read and enjoy fairy tales and mythology He believes reading them is a good thing because, by exercising our imagination, it gives us a break from the mundane to feed the soul extract from The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm s Son The lights disappear as he speaks Torhthelm s voice becomes louder, but it is still the voice of one speaking in a dream.It s dark It s dark, and doom coming Is no light left us A light kindle,and fan the flame Lo Fire now wakens,hearth is burning, house is lighted, men there gather Out of the mists they come through darkling doors whereat doom waiteth Hark I hear them in the hall chanting stern words they sing with strong voices He chants Heart shall be bolder, harder be purpose, proud the spirit as our power lessens Mind shall not falter nor mood waver, though doom shall come and dark conquer.Tolkien, J R R. Tree and Leaf Including MYTHOPOEIA HarperCollins Publishers Kindle Edition.

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