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A Visual Guide to Gospel Events quotes A Visual Guide to Gospel Events , litcharts A Visual Guide to Gospel Events , symbolism A Visual Guide to Gospel Events , summary shmoop A Visual Guide to Gospel Events , A Visual Guide to Gospel Events 1044f72c As The Inspired Authors Of The Bible Relayed The Story Of Salvation, They Frequently Mentioned Place Names That Contributed To The Story Yet Readers Who Are Separated From The Texts By Thousands Of Years And Thousands Of Miles Are Often Unable To Fully Understand Or Appreciate Those References In The Tradition Of The Well Received A Visual Guide To Bible Events, Authors James C Martin, John A Beck, And David G Hansen Offer This New Resource Focusing On The Gospel Narratives This Beautiful, Full Color Book Is Filled With Photographs, Maps, And Easy To Read Explanations The Engaging Writing Style Makes This Resource Perfect For Anyone Student, Scholar, Pastor, Or Layperson Who Wants To Understand The Events Recorded In The Gospels In A Deeper Way

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    Published in 2010 this book is a relatively recent pictorial guide to the Holy Land The author includes chapters covering the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and life in Jerusalem and the New Testament world Each chapter has brief and informative explanatory text with lots of photos, maps, scale models, etc The book includes End Notes and a Scripture Index but no general or subject index Although many of the photos are credited a list of illustrations would be a much welcome addition.

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    Loved, loved, loved this book Would highly recommend for anyone who loves to teach or would love to see the places you ve heard about in reading the Bible This is a keeper for me for future reference.

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    Over and over again while reading this book one is presented with the question of why Gospel events happened and why they happened where they happened, and why it was important that certain people were or were not the audience for something The authors occasionally argue their position about the importance of Jesus identity as an observant Jew in a complicated world with corrupt priests, exploited commoners, brutal Roman rulers, and sharp social divides from silence, such as providing a reason for why Jesus family moved from Bethlehem to avoid being impressed into serving Herod s rage for city building, and why Jesus is never recorded to have visited the capitals of Galilee at Sepphoris or Tiberias The authors show an impressive interest in reading through the Talmud to understand the context of second temple Judaism as closely as possible, and show a marked anti Sadducee bias, for some reason letting the equally corrupt and ungodly Pharisaical rabbis mostly off the hook and largely free of deserved criticism.The contents of this book follow a generally chronological and also regional approach to Jesus life as discussed in the Gospels The text, which features a lot of maps, drawings, pictures of coins, photos, and reconstructions of first century art and architecture, as well as an unsettling amount of idolatrous religious art, examines the birth and early years of Jesus strangely ignoring the family s sojourn in Egypt , the revelation of Jesus legitimate authority as the Messiah, the geography of Jesus parables and teaching, Jesus experiences in the world of the Gentiles, Jesus in and around Jerusalem, the threat of the cross during the last week of Jesus ministry, the arrest and trials of Jerusalem, and the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, which together take almost 200 pages of material that would be somewhat shortened if there were fewer representations of bogus religious art from the Middle Ages and Renaissance to take up page space.Aside from the troublesome art historical interests of the writers, and the fact that the book makes some strange elisions in neglecting the geography of Egypt where Jesus likely spent a few years in or about Alexandria during his toddler years, and the fact that the book is mostly silent about the Pharisees except when it shows them as victims of the later Hasmoneans, and very harsh against the Sadducee party, the book is mostly to be enjoyed The geographical approach of the book, in setting the Gospel events in carefully researched and closely argued geographical contexts, is something to appreciate, and the maps that help root and place Gospel occurrences is also generally helpful to the reader, who is assumed to be a believer in the Bible looking to understand the Bible with a better sense of place and topographical and geographical understanding 1 The coin research of the authors is also notable and praiseworthy, as well as the skill the authors have in conveying the way that Jesus Christ and His disciples were under intense scrutiny long before the fateful arrest and crucifixion, providing sound reasons from biblical law and Jewish tradition for many of the odd details described in the Gospels Despite its imperfections, this is an immensely worthwhile read and a worthy biblical resource to possess in one s library 1 See, for example

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    A Visual Guide to Gospel Events takes different events in the gospels and examines the significance of where the event happened The authors pointed out previous Biblical events that happened on the site which helps bring new depth of meaning to the gospel event They also explained cultural background information and included pictures of what the scene and location would have looked like The plentiful full color pictures and maps help the reader visualize the scene and location.The book was written with a formal tone, but it s easy to follow The majority of the authors insights were solidly based in Scripture While they did put some speculation in, it remained in the realm of the plausible Overall, I d highly recommend this interesting book.

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    An intriguing look at the link between what happened and where it happened.

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    great ready about Holy Land

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